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How Long Does It Take To Scooter A Mile?


Kick scooters provide an enjoyable, convenient way to get places faster and give you a little exercise in the process. Next time you’re headed somewhere nearby or need to commute in the city, calculate how long it takes to scooter versus walking. If you open your phone’s map app, it’ll estimate how fast walking a mile takes. It’s generally less than an hour, around 20-25 minutes. To scooter the same distance, it’d take about half that time depending on the route you take to get there. While the speed you walk and the type of scooter you use should also be taken into consideration, the bottom line is that it’s much faster going by scooter than by foot.

Top Contributing Factors

There are several other ways to determine how fast it will take you to scooter a mile. First up is comfortability. If it’s your first time using a kick scooter, you may underestimate how fast or slow you will go. It takes a little getting used to at first, which may delay your time when first starting out. Once you have the hang of it, though, it’s easy to zip around, passing all walking pedestrians while you ride.

Another factor is age. A younger, beginning rider or smaller child likely isn’t going to have the same strength or speed as a teen or adult. A mile is a long distance to go for some children. They also may require a few breaks along the way. The weight of the rider can also influence the speed of the scooter as well. The heavier the rider, the slower the speed will be. In this respect, a child may have a small advantage.

A third consideration is the area you’re riding. Road conditions affect your speed and riding performance. Smooth, even pavement is far easier than surfaces that are bumpy or have lots of debris in the pathway. Hills could work for or against you depending on if you’re going up or down. Even if you’re headed downhill, you’ll want to take things a little slower to maintain control. While you still have to do this when walking, sometimes it takes longer to allow others to pass you by so you can have a clearer path.

A final thing to consider is the quality of the scooter you’re riding. Poorly constructed scooters won’t be as sturdy and won’t give you as much confidence to go as fast as you’d like. You won’t have that problem with a Razor. Our heavy-duty, high quality, kick scooters, pro scooters and big wheel commuter scooters are made following 20 years of manufacturing experience, sold by top retailers worldwide, with features including low-vibration and anti-rattle handlebars. Innovative features like this create the difference between a smooth and comfortable vs. bumpy and unenjoyable ride. Pick a model that gives you complete control.

Tips for a Faster Kick Scooter Ride

Now let’s talk about a few ways to improve your Razor scooter speed and riding pace when riding a kick operated scooter. First, wear the right shoes. Never ride a scooter bare-footed or in sandals. Closed-toed shoes with tied laces are recommended to avoid injury and keep the ride going strong. They’ll also help you get more traction to push off.

Speaking of pushing off, a powerful kick can put you in a good place for increased speed. After you’ve kicked off using the ball of your foot, align it behind your planted foot as best as you can and lean forward slightly. Another way to maintain good speed is by switching legs when tired. Though alternating legs may take some practice and may feel strange at first, if you have a dominant foot, it will help prevent one foot from doing all the work and tiring out.

Lastly, take good care of your scooter to prevent loose or damaged parts. Keep air tires inflated and do a check before every ride to ensure all parts are clean and operating correctly; folding latch securely in the open position and rear fender brake functioning as expected. Regular maintenance and upkeep helps to ensure your scooter is safe and secure to use. Razor Customer Service team members are always available to answer your questions – reach them at

Riding a scooter is a fun mode of transportation for just about everyone.. It  takes consistent practice and proper scooter care. A kick scooter is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and get where you need to go.