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Road Trippin’ with Razor – Holiday Edition


Hey Razor fans! It’s that time of year when a lot of people will be getting on the road with their family. We know sometimes being in the car too long can get a little boring. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have some MORE exciting road trip tips to make the time in the car fly by. We have fun games that even your parents will be excited about playing. And if you liked our road trip tips last time, you’ll love these new ones. Just make sure to pack prizes, like candy, so the winner of each game has a reward after their victory!

Time scoots when you’re having fun.

Whether your trip is two hours or 10, we have a couple of our favorite Razor road trip games to make the drive go by faster than you can spell R-A-Z-O-R. Speaking of which, that’s our first game! 


This is one of our favorites here at Razor and it’s a fun twist on the alphabet game. The goal is to find a license plate, a billboard, or anything outside the car with the letters R-A-Z-O-R, but you have to go in order! For example, you and the other players will start with looking for signs that start with the letter “R.” If you see a road sign that says “Route 66” call out “R as in Route” to let the other players know you found your first letter! Then keep looking for A-Z-O-R. First person to find all the letters that spell Razor, wins.

If you want to keep track of each letter you found, download and print our R-A-Z-O-R checklist. Write down what you found for each letter and keep track of who wins every game!

Pick a puzzle! 

Maybe you’re tired of staring out the window? We have something awesome for that too! Before you hit the road, make sure to download our Razor maze game and our connect the dots game to solve on your drive for some extra fun. 

Stretch your legs and grab your Razor. 

If you’re going on an extra-long road trip and have the room in your car, ask your parents if you can pack your Razor scooter and helmet. (Safety first!) That way when you make a stop to stretch your legs, you can pull out your Razor and do a few cool tricks before you get back on the road. It’s a great way to stay active and have something fun to look forward to on each stop. 

And then once you get to your destination, wherever it is, you’ll have your Razor with you to pull out for some extra fun! If you’re visiting family members, even better – they make a great audience. Make sure you strap on your helmet and start showing off the legendary tricks you’ve learned from our YouTube channel to really impress your family and maybe teach your little cousin a thing or two.  

Stay safe Razor fans!

So if you’re getting in the car to visit your family this holiday, or going away for a few days, make sure you have your road trip games, your Razor scooter, and your helmet ready to go. As always, we love for you to share your snapshots with us on social @razorworldwide. So tag us in all your adventures and have a safe and fun holiday Razor fans!