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Hey Tempe – DO’s and DON’Ts OF THE ROAD


Greetings, Tempe! We are so happy to see your smiling faces riding our Razor-red dockless shared e-scooters. To keep those faces smiling and pedestrians safe, just follow these simple rules of the road.

DO: Ride accredited. All riders must have a valid driver’s license to hop on a Razor e-scooter and be at least 18 years old. To register yours, download the Razor Share app to scan your driver’s license.

DON’T: Use invalid driver’s license to ride a Razor Share scooter or have children operating the scooter. It is our priority to ensure safety for both riders and pedestrians.

DO: Share the road. After reaching your destination, remember to park the scooter out of the public right of way. Keep sidewalks, driveways, and fire hydrants clear. Consider the space people with disabilities need and park away from access ramps.

DON’T: Leave scooters in the middle of roads, sidewalks or blocking business entrances. Be respectful and considerate to your fellow Tempean and share the road.

DO: Wear a helmet. Protecting yourself from harm is important whether you’re driving car and need a seat belt or driving a motorcycle and also wearing a helmet. Razor e-scooters are super fun, but we must stay super safe.

DON’T: Ride irresponsibly. For ideas on how to rock your helmet, check out Helmets: New Must-Have Fashion. Better safe than sorry!

DO: Scoot in your best state of mind. That means absolutely no riding after consuming alcohol. And no, buzzed scooting is not allowed.

DON’T: Use a Razor scooter after having a few at Mill Avenue bars. We’re here for a new, fun way to travel. There’s nothing fun about drunk riding.

DO: Know how and where to ride. Razor Share scooters are meant to be ridden solo. Two’s a party so only one person at a time and only scoot on streets, not sidewalks. Sidewalks are reserved for pedestrians and streets for scooters.

DON’T: Use sidewalks to avoid cars or take a friend for a spin on your e-scooter. There is also absolutely no riding on the ASU campus. Sun Devils, please don’t ride into campus and leave it parked outside ready for the next rider to use.

We wish you a fun and safe scoot through downtown, on your way to your favorite art gallery, past the Tempe Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge, or to quickly get to that important meeting without causing more street traffic. These simple do’s and don’ts help create a safe travel environment for everyone!

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