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Helmets: New Must-Have Fashion



If Beyoncé’s look in Vogue’s September issue has you feeling inspired for accessories – let us introduce you to the new it accessory for Summer/Fall/Winter and beyond – Helmets. YES! The safety wear of your youth is back, but in the freshest way. And as e-scooters continue to be all of the rage in cities across the country  – the helmet is one trend we don’t see fleeing anytime soon. This trend is one of our favorites because it not only adds diversity to an outfit, but safety as well!

When choosing a helmet to fit your head (and your style) look for patterns, bold colors, or even florals. However, it’s very important to do a quality check. This is the new fashion staple protecting your most important asset – your head! Let us help you start your search for your perfect helmet. As you’re venturing out to get on the nearest Razor Share e-scooter, here are a few looks for helmets we’re loving:

The Cross-Body Helmet. You’re on your way to getting on your Razor Share ride to ride into the office. Why not clip your helmet to your cross body bag adding a little flair as you walk to get on an e-scooter. Once you hop on your Razor – get that helmet on your head for a fresh look.

The Night Out Helmet. Looking for a less-clunky look as you’re getting ready to scoot around town? The helmet makes the perfect clutch! Just hold it close to your body. This is a strapless-look we’re sure you can get behind.

A Traditional Shoulder Helmet. Love the ease and simple look of an over-the-shoulder bag? Use the strap on your helmet for that same feel. This is the perfect look for the traditional fashionistas.

The Free Helmet Look. Say what?! This is the best look of all. Be on the lookout for Razor Share pop-ups where we will be giving out free helmets. What’s better than that?

Whatever your style – boho, classic, street, vintage, or casual – let Razor fit you with the perfect (and free) helmet – the safest accessory out there.

Expect even more fashion innovations…coming soon.

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