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Hello Denver – Mile High City!


Wow, just wow. You have a stunning city you should definitely be proud about, and we’re excited to be your new community partner! Your down-to-earth, chill vibes are what Razor is all about.

Denver, we can’t wait to see what else there is to discover.

First things first, intro: we are the scooter you rode as a kid but grown up, like you! The Razor USA scooter was your first set of wheels, and today, we’re hoping to be your fun and efficient mobility choice.

Just this week, Razor Share became Denver’s new community partner as part of the new pilot program. “As Denver continues to grow, it is critically important for us to encourage greater use of multimodal transportation options to reduce vehicle congestion,” said Eulois Cleckley, Executive Director of Denver Public Works. “We look forward to working with Razor and understanding the potential for dockless technology to provide people with first mile, last mile links between their homes, destinations and our transit hubs.”

We are super thrilled to be here, to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We invite you to ride our Razor-red shared dockless scooters through the gorgeous autumn leaves coloring your streets. And, remember to remain ON the sidewalks during your ride.

Your natural beauty here is astonishing, and the art scene is invigorating. Now’s the chance to scoot down the bike trails on the weekend and feel the frosty air on your face. We know it’s tempting to stay inside cuddling with your soft blanket in this weather, but remember to enjoy the outdoor scenery, especially in your beautiful town!

Colorado’s Capitol City has so much to offer. So feel free to download the app and hop on our e-scooters just in time for the weekend. Take a trip to RiNo through the South Platte River Trail or head over the historic Union Station to catch the next train or simply to admire the architecture. We know you’ve seen it, but we can’t get over how exquisite it looks.

Don’t be a stranger. Obvi, we are in awe with your incredible mountain town. We want to start off on the right scoot. Soon, we will host a community pop-up and you’re all invited! Keep a lookout for this, and you will get a FREE helmet for showing up 🙂


Download Razor Share app here. Follow us on Twitter @RazorShare, or Instagram @RazorShare to learn about future free helmet pop-ups at @RazorShare.