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Get Outside and PLAY! 10 of Our Favorite Family-Friendly Springtime Activities


It’s official – spring has sprung! After months of being trapped indoors it’s finally time to get back outside and run free. And, if you’re among the 76% of parents that say their kids engage in more screen time than they’d like*, it’s time to unplug those devices and engage in the real world! To help your family get in the spring spirit, we’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite ways to get outside and play together in the spring, including:

  1. Taking a Hike – Hiking is a great way to spend time together as a family, offers great views of your local flora and fauna, and it’s good for you! Search online for a local hike that suits your family’s fitness level, pack some snacks and water, and hit the trail early to avoid the crowds.


  1. Flying a Kite – Pick a moderately windy day, grab your kite, and hit the park! Experience the wonders of flight and slip in some simple science while you’re at it. Bonus – there are tons of plans online to help you build your own kite – another fun way to spend some time as a family.


  1. Planning a Picnic – All that kite flying will probably make your family hungry, so why not pack a picnic lunch? Let the kids help make PB&J, pack plenty of fruits and nuts, and don’t forget an old blanket to sit on! After lunch, lie back, relax and see if you can spot shapes in the clouds.


  1. Feeding the Ducks – Your little ones will love a trip to the park to feed the ducks. Stash some “duck food” in your backpack, jump on your Razor scooters, and head to your local pond. Although bread is not a healthy choice for our fine feathered friends, you can feel good about feeding them corn, torn lettuce pieces, oats, and birdseed.


  1. Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk – You don’t have to go far to enjoy the springtime sun. In fact, you can play all kinds of games on your very own sidewalk or driveaway! Use sidewalk chalk to draw a hopscotch court, toss beanbags in a chalk bullseye, design a town for your action figures, or just sit back, soak up the sun, and get creative.


  1. Planting a Garden – While you’re out there, why not plan a family garden or veggie plot? Pick up some seeds and let your kids help turn the soil, dig the holes, and plant some plants. Then, grab some Popsicle or craft sticks and markers and let your kids design and place your garden’s “name tags”.


  1. Puddle Jumping – April showers don’t have to ruin your springtime fun! Throw caution to the wind, pull on your rain boots, and have some fun splashing in the puddles, as a family. See who can jump all the way over the puddle, who can make the biggest splash, and who can make the smallest ripple.


  1. Painting Rocks – Take a walk or hike and pick up a few small, smooth, round stones, then set up an outdoor art studio and transform your finds into brightly-colored bugs, crazy critters, family portraits, and more. Tip: acrylic paints work best on rocks.


  1. Finding Four Leaf Clovers – Take a walk around the block, checking weed patches that have popped up along the sidewalk, or hit the park and start your search for a lucky four-leaf clover! Find one and press it between two pieces of packing tape for a keepsake good luck charm.


  1. Watching the Stars – Outdoor springtime fun isn’t limited to the daytime hours! Wait for a clear night, head out when it’s good and dark, give your eyes time to adjust, and let yourself be dazzled by the nighttime sky. Keep an eye out for shooting stars and check NASA’s NightSky website for cool happenings in your area.

*According to a survey conducted in July 2018 by Edelman Intelligence for GoGo Squeez