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Get Outside and PLAY! 7 Places to Go and Things to Do on Your Razor


We’re loving this warmer springtime weather and there are so many places we can go on our Razor rides! In addition to our everyday trips around the block, we ride our Razors all over town, to places near, on our Kick Scooters and Turbo Jetts, and far on our Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, and Hoverboards.

Not only are we getting exercise, making the most of this fresh, spring air, and doing our part to protect our environment, but we’re also unplugging! According to the Play Well Report conducted by LEGO in August of 2018, 87% of kids ages 5-12 cite digital play as their favorite play activity, but sports activities come in a close second at 75%, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your kids to put those tablets down, pick their Razor rides up, and get moving!

To help you make the most of spring as a family, we’re sharing some our favorite places to go and things to do on our Razor riders, like:

  1. Bike Paths – Bike paths threading through local parks, greenways, and shorelines are the perfect place to ride your Razor!


  1. Farmer’s Market – Usually located on smooth parking lot pavement, a ride to and through your local Farmer’s Market will get you out outside, exercising, and picking up some healthy, fresh foods for later.


  1. Skateparks – Pick an outdoor park to make the most of the springtime sun and go to town! Depending on your skill level you can try out simple ramps, bigger bowls, and all kinds of obstacles on your scooter.


  1. Errands – Boring chores are much more fun on a Razor! Whether it’s picking up a few things from the store, returning books to the library, or mailing a small package, grab your backpack and get some fresh air and exercise while you take care of business.


  1. School Yards – Empty school yards are a great place to really let your Razor rip (after hours and on weekends, of course). Check for any rules posted, then enjoy that smooth, flat blacktop just like you did when you were a kid!


  1. Meet Ups – Meeting a friend for coffee or lunch? Pick a local spot with outdoor seating and cruise there on your Razor.


  1. Races – “Foot bike” racing is catching on in Europe, using specially-designed bike/kick scooter combo rides. You can create your own friends-and-family Kick Scooter Race. Whether it’s a short there-and-back or a full-blown course around obstacles you design in a wide-open safe space, say ready, set, go to racing!


Wherever you ride and whatever you do on your Razor, be sure to review and follow all of the local safety laws in your area and always wear your protective gear. Now get out their and ride your Razor!