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Fan Faves – Alexa Wagoner


Like lots of other little kids across the country, Razor fan Alexa Wagoner received her Razor scooter as a Christmas gift from her mom. She was six years old and her older sister got a scooter, too. Together, the two girls rode around the family driveway and up and down the sidewalks near their home. Alexa loved her scooter and it quickly took top spot as her very favorite toy. Alexa rode her Razor for years and years – she says it just made her happy.

Flash forward 18 years and Alexa’s Razor scooter is STILL going strong! In fact, her sister’s five-year-old son now rides Alexa’s original Razor scooter in the very same spots Alexa and her sister rode nearly two decades ago. Talk about the little scooter that could!


Alexa’s nephew loves to ride just as much as she did and (shhh…!) Alexa’s going to get him his very own Razor scooter for his birthday next month. Which leaves us wondering… who’ll be the next to ride Alexa’s Razor?

We love Alexa’s story and we’d love to hear yours, too! Email us at [email protected] and tell us when, where, how, and why you gotta ride your Razor.