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Electric Scooter Battery Life


One of the main reasons electric scooters are a great activity for kids and an innovative mode of transportation for adults is because they can operate continuously for ample periods of time. The electric scooter battery life ranges depending on the model. However, you can expect an electric scooter to last around an hour, if not more. This results in ongoing fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

For example, the E Prime Electric Scooter battery life lasts up to 40 minutes. It has a max speed of 15 mph and is suitable for teens 14 and up. The maximum weight is 176 lbs., which is important to adhere to when trying to preserve the battery. This scooter is ideal for commuting or scootering around the neighborhood. It’s a Last Mile™ solution for riders who want a sleek level of sophistication with their ride. The patent-pending, anti-rattle, folding technology and durable, aluminum frame makes for a premium design. Overall, it’s a smart, eco-friendly alternative to commute to work, school, or to meet up with friends.

The Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Aluminum Deck holds a battery charge for up to 60 minutes, 50 percent more ride time than the E100 thanks to the lighter and more efficient Power Core technology. The max weight for this model is 120 lbs., and it’s recommended for children ages 8 and up. Keep in mind rider weight doesn’t necessarily mean a person’s size is appropriate to fit or maintain control of the scooter. If you think your child will not be able to handle and control these speeds, it’s highly recommended to start them on an easier model.

Then, there’s the Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. With a battery life of up to 70 minutes, this model elevates the playing field to another level. This scooter offers 75 percent more battery life than other electric scooters, which means more uninterrupted play time. Its max speed is 10 mph, and it is an energy-efficient, maintenance-free way for kids (and adults) to get around.

Kids who want continuous fun and teens who take their scooters to and from school don’t have to worry about their batteries running out of charge. With many models reaching an hour-long charge or more, everyone can enjoy an uninterrupted riding experience time and time again.

To preserve the life of the electric scooter battery, there are a few tips and tricks to keep things in mind. Make sure to maintain the battery life of an electric scooter, replace as needed, dispose of old batteries safely, and know how to troubleshoot when necessary. Don’t be held back by a dead battery. Take care of your electric scooter and it’ll take care of you. When it’s time to replace any scooter accessories or parts, make sure you only buy from a reliable manufacturer like Razor.

Charge Your Electric Scooter Battery

When you get your new electric scooter, charge the battery all the way first. The recharge time will take 12 hours so plan accordingly. The light on the charger should be green when you plug the charger into the wall outlet. When the battery is in the process of charging, it will turn red and then back to green when ready.

The light might change prior to the full 12 hours but keep your battery charging the full time. The recommended maximum time is 24 hours, but they’re built to prevent overcharging, so don’t worry if you forget. Do not be alarmed if the charger gets warm during regular use. This is normal as long as it doesn’t become too hot to manage.

A helpful tip to keep in mind is to always charge the battery after every use. With that being said, changing an electric scooter should only be done by an adult. A scooter’s speed can be affected if the battery is not fully changed. To provide your child with the ultimate riding experience, be sure to keep their scooter battery charged and ready to go at all times.

Also, if you live in an area with harsher weather conditions and anticipate storing the scooter for weeks or months at a time, give the battery a full charge prior to putting it away. When not using the charger, unplug it from the wall outlet. However, recharge periodically, even when in storage. Failure to do so or leaving the power switch on when not in use may cause other charging issues later down the road. Don’t let a weak battery hold you back. Power up and get back to scootering!

Maintain the Battery Life

Taking care of your battery is just as important as the maintenance for the scooter itself. Keep the battery stored in a safe place. Don’t keep your scooter in freezing temperatures, as this will cause battery damage. Even if you typically keep your scooter and charger in the garage, when it gets too cold, store it inside or a warmer spot. The same rules apply when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Bring your scooter inside to prevent damage from poor weather conditions like heavy rain and snow.

In addition to product care, there are other ways to maintain the battery life while riding as well. Keep your tires filled with air to make it easier for your battery to push your scooter along. Also, only let riders on the scooter if they meet the recommended weight. Exceeding the weight limit can be hard on your battery and the scooter itself.

Stay on flat surfaces when possible and try to maintain an even speed as you coast. The rockier the terrain, the more weight you put on your scooter, and stop-and-go movements all require more energy. Go easy on your electric scooter so it can perform at its best.

Replace the Battery

The charger that comes with your electric scooter should be regularly examined for damage to the cord, plug, or the enclosure. You can find replacement batteries and parts right on our website, at Razor’s official retail partners, or at certain authorized repair centers.

Enter your scooter’s barcode to find the exact battery you need. Once you have it, the replacement is fairly easy and should take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on your scooter model.

As an example, let’s walk through a battery replacement of the Razor Power A2 Electric Scooter. You’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver, a standard screwdriver, and a 4 mm Allen wrench.

Step 1: Remove the Battery Tray

Turn off the power before you begin. To remove the battery tray, flip over your scooter and remove the bracket and cover. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the top screw and slide the plastic cover off. Next, use an Allen wrench to remove the screws, two inside and two outside. Keep everything in a central location for later use.

Pinch the connector of the throttle cable and separate. With a standard screwdriver, gently pry against the grommet (ring-shaped piece) to pop it out. Feed the throttle cable back through the frame and slide the bracket out.

With the Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws of the cover and the remaining screws on the tray. At this point, all the screws should be removed on the bottom of the tray. Remove the grommet on the backside of the tray. Separate the three plugs, fold the scooter, and move the tray up.

Step 2 & 3: Remove the Old Battery, Replace with the New

Trace the wires of the battery, find the connector, and pull apart. Make sure to dispose of your old battery properly. Set the new battery in the tray and plug together.

Step 4: Installing the Battery Tray

Slide tray straight in from the top. Depress the power switch so it will fit in the frame. Open the scooter back up and run the wires from the back wheel into the tread. Now you can reconnect the three plugs and reinstall the grommet.

Slide it into place to secure all wires. Slide tray all the way down and secure the tray with the screws you set aside earlier (two on top and two on bottom). Place the cover back on and use the four screws to secure

Once the tray’s on, it’s time to put the bracket back in. Slide it on and secure with the Allen wrench and screws. Now pull the throttle cable through the frame and plug it back in. Secure the wire in the grommet and press it into the bracket. Take the plastic cap and slide it on and use the Phillips screwdriver to secure the remaining screws. Finally, hit the power switch to make sure your new battery works. That’s it!

Dispose of Your Electric Scooter Battery Safely

After you’ve replaced a battery, handle your old battery disposal with care. It’s not as simple as throwing it in the garbage with your regular trash. Razor batteries use sealed lead-acid batteries which must be disposed of or recycled in an environmentally safe manner. The incineration, land-filling, or mixing of sealed lead-acid batteries with household trash is prohibited by law in most areas.

Take any non-working batteries to a lead-acid battery recycler. makes it easy to find a center that’s close and convenient to you. On the website, simply search the battery you want to recycle and your zip code. It’ll then show you locations within close proximity. Always Dispose your scooter batteries and follow legal regulations.

Troubleshoot the Battery

It’s important to maintain your battery’s shelf life and know how to replace it when the time comes. The good news is that there are solutions for many of the common troubleshooting issues scooter riders experience.

While battery trouble doesn’t occur often, here are a few situations that may arise and what to do to fix them. Before getting started, don’t forget to turn off the unit prior to any troubleshooting!

  • No lights on the charger. Check power to the wall outlet where it’s plugged in. A green light should appear on the charger when it’s properly connected. If it doesn’t, it may just be a dead outlet. Try a different one to see if it lights up.
  • Battery won’t hold a charge. If this happens, lift up the back end of the scooter and manually spin the rear wheel and press the push button throttle to engage the motor. If the motor engages, it’s time to replace the battery.
  • Undercharged battery. Check lights on the charger. Green means it’s plugged into the wall and ready to charge. The unit itself will turn red when charging is in process or green when charging is complete. No lights or a blinking light means the charger needs to be replaced.

If you’ve tried troubleshooting on your own and still can’t detect the source of the problem, feel free to reach out to our Razor product support team. Search for frequently asked questions and responses through the website, call us Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST, or find a service center near you.

Scooter Life Is the Best Life

Electric scooters are everywhere now. They’ve become a favorite among kids and a preferred mode of transportation for many adults. As a result, you’ll want your scooter to last as long as possible; that includes its battery life. By following these recommendations, you should be able to keep your battery in tip-top shape for years to come.

Remember to always use Razor products with your Razor electric scooter. Never use a battery pack from another manufacturer. The scooter has been built to brand design specifications. The original equipment supplied at the time of sale was selected on the basis of its compatibility with the frame and all other parts.

Like with anything else of value, you have to take good care of your motorized scooter to make it last. Following the recommended electric scooter safety tips and rules is what will help you preserve your scooter in the long haul. Follow our best practices every time you use it. It helps the battery last longer so you can ride knowing everything is as it should be.

Everyday maintenance doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Plus, it’s worth it in the end. Take advantage of the long battery life our electric scooters offer and ride on!

To find the best electric scooters for kids or for further assistance on choosing the perfect electric scooter, contact our team of experts at Razor today.