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Dallas – DO’s and DON’Ts OF THE ROAD


Alright now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. We’re here to offer you the fun and convenience of Razor Share, and we want to make this a lasting commitment. So, we’ve got a few rules for the enjoyment and safety of you and all of Dallas.


Tip #1: Scoot within the areas of Downtown, Uptown, Cedars, and Oak Lawn. These are the places in town safe to ride in.

Don’t: Please don’t ride into any parks, plazas or residential suburbs. It is important that you know where scooting is allowed and banned.


Tip #2: All riders must have a valid driver’s license to hop on a Razor e-scooter and be at least 18 years old (sorry, youngsters). To register yours, download the Razor Share app to scan your driver’s license.

Don’t: Never try to use an invalid driver’s license or allow children to operate the scooter. We care about you and don’t want anyone getting hurt.


Tip #3: After reaching your destination, remember to park the scooter out of the public right of way. Keep sidewalks, driveways, and fire hydrants clear. Consider the space people with disabilities need and park away from access ramps.

Don’t: Refrain from leaving scooters out and about in the middle of roads and sidewalks. Keep those streets clean. You’ve got a great thing going on, let’s keep it that way.


Tip #4: Only ride with a helmet. You’re smart – let’s protect that noggin and protect your wallet from a ticket. Who knows, you might find out you look pretty good in a helmet. Check this Blog article: Helmets: New Must-Have Fashion.  Better safe than sorry!

Don’t: Do no ride without a helmet and risk your safety and life. Please ride responsibly.


Tip #5: For the safety of yourself and others, don’t drink and scoot. Even a little can mean the difference between a night of fun or a nightmare.

Don’t: Do not try to get home from a night out in Oak Lawn on a Razor. It’s not going to work.


Tip #6: We’d love to see a bunch of people out riding. Just not all on the same scooter and not all over the place. Keep it to one and out of parks, plazas and residential areas.

Don’t: Do not allow another person to ride a Razor dockless e-scooter with you. Again, be mindful of where and how you are riding.


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