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Celebrate Summer…With a Scooter Party!!


With a Scooter Party at the School Yard!

Celebrate the start of summer with an awesome scooter party at the park or empty school yard! Spread the word to your kids’ friends that you’ll scooting around school on a specific day. The kids will love riding and racing together on the smooth sidewalk or school blacktop and simple snacks, sunscreen, and bottles of water will be enough to make the day memorable.

But just in case you want to kick it up a notch, we’ve gathered some seriously scooter-ific ideas from some of our favorite bloggers, like the crafty mama at, to transform the day from a regular ride to a scooting spectacular. Check them out and plan your own summer scooter party today!


Turn snack time into an activity, with Make Your Own Scooter Snacks! Set out bowls of mini Oreo® wheels, wafer cookie decks, pretzel stick handlebars, and royal icing and let the kids take a break from scooting while they assemble their own scooter snacks. (You might want to bring a disposable paper table cloth so you can scoop up the sticky mess and throw it all away when you’re done.)

Or, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative for your hard-riding scooters, consider a cup of veggie handlebars comprised of sliced carrot sticks and celery stalks in a bed of yummy Ranch dressing.

And just in case one of your scooter-loving kiddos is celebrating a birthday this summer, we couldn’t resist sharing this awesome Razor kick scooterthemed cake courtesy of Jen Shoemaker Wallace:


Crank up the day with some fun scooter-themed activities! Kids can add some custom flair to their scooters with temporary decorations like crepe paper, ribbon, strings of pom poms, paper flowers, and balloons. Don’t forget the scissors, string, and masking tape. And once they’re done, a parade is only natural… and the perfect photo opp!

Or try a “wheely” fun twist on traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey, with a handmade Pin the Wheels on the Scooter game, perfect for younger riders.

With some sidewalk chalk, cones, and other play props you may have on hand, you can easily set up several scooter games to keep the fun going all day long. See our blog for instructions to set up simple races and obstacle courses and easy ways to adapt classic games like Red Light Green Light, Capture the Flag, and even soccer to work on kick scooters. The revved up racers at Twin Studios even turned bowling into a scooter game, taking turns seeing who could knock down the most bowling pins from their bowling playset. Strike!

With a bit of planning you can turn the next sunny day into a Summer Scooter Party your kids will never forget. Snacks, drinks, and games almost always make for a really good time – add a scooter and you’ll be flying high! Be sure to take pix and let us know how it goes, by tagging us at #Razor.