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Camp Razor: Off To The Races


Hey there campers, camp counselor Scoot here! Rad greetings and a big welcome to this week of Camp Razor.

razor race time

So, you’ve heard a little bit about me, you’ve learned the rules of Camp Razor; are you ready to get to scootering? I thought so. At Camp Razor, we like to start the summer off right with a tried and true camper favorite, Razor Races. But before you start thinking about that victory lap, let’s cover the basics.


What you’ll need. 

First up, you’ll need some gear. Make sure you’re staying true to Camp Razor rules with the right safety gear for your ride. From helmet to shoes, from classic Kick Scooters to the epically fun RipStik, every good race starts with the right gear.

Next, every race needs a finish line. Whether you’ve got cones, paint cans, or sidewalk chalk, mark off your finish line or obstacle course clearly, not just for safety but so that there’s no question about it when you crush the competition.

race gear download

Another race essential, measuring tools. Grab a parent or friend to help you mark off your racetrack.

Next up, a stopwatch. Keep track of racer speed down to the second because at Camp Razor, every second counts. Keep track of rider times and scores with our Camp Razor scorecard. Next up, start each race with a camp countdown, sound off, or balloon pop for added fun and flair. And last but not least, your race face. It’s all in the attitude. Think you’re ready? Then get set, and let’s race.

race score card 

Not sure which race to start with?

Don’t worry, there’s a race for every speed. Here are a few Camp Razor favorites.  

Number one:

The Old Skool. You can’t go wrong with the classic speed race. Just you, your ride, and the road. Simply mark off your distance, create a finish line, and get your stopwatch ready. At Camp Razor, we recommend about 40 big paces for optimal race distance. Whether you dash down the driveway or through the park, this camp favorite is a winner, every time.

Number two:

The Rad Dash. Think you can outrun the Razor? There’s only one way to know. Race and see in this man vs. scooter face off. Grab a friend, your ride, and get ready to show them how it’s done. Much like the Old Skool race, clearly marked start and finish lines are key. After a countdown shout, both runner and rider will make a Rad Dash to the finish line. Trade off to see who’s fastest on foot and on wheels in this camp classic.

And the last camp favorite, number three:

The Crazor Race. A legendary camp classic where mind-bending obstacles challenge your scooter skills in this crazy Razor race we like to call, the Crazor. Between the bragging rights and rad skills challenges, this race has it all. To set up the Crazor course, you’ll need some supplies. Bring out the cones, paint cans, or sidewalk chalk and start building the course. The classic Crazor features a 20-foot straight away to start, followed by a figure-eight curve loop, and ends with a Z-formation challenge and mad dash to the finish line. But we at Camp Razor believe fun comes in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to make this race your own. Add in “pit stops” like 20-second dance challenges, relay-style trade-offs with another rider, chalk drawing challenges or water balloon smashes. No matter the route, the Crazor will not disappoint.

course map

Think you’re ready to start racing towards that finish line?

Then get up, get out there, and get ready for an awesome week at Camp Razor. Be sure to tag your legendary racetracks with #CampRazor on social @razorworldwide and as always, the Scoot is here to answer all your scootering questions, so send me an email shout out. Later, Razors!

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