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Best in Show- Razor Style


We had such a blast on Thanksgiving, and we hope you did too. But we were excited for more than just turkey and stuffing. What were we most excited about? The PUPS! Of course, we love watching all of your tricks on your Razor rides, but our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the tricks on The National Dog Show.

With hundreds of adorable dogs showing off their awesome skills, it’s the fuzziest tradition that’s fun for the whole family. But what’s even cuter than dogs showing off for the camera? Dogs showing off their Razor skills for the camera!

Razor Rides + Your pup = The Ultimate Pic

The perfect picture does exist, and we want to see it. Since we had a great time watching The National Dog Show so much, we want to see pictures of your pup on your Razor scooter!

What could be more adorable than that! So after your belly is full from leftover turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, stretch your legs on your Razor scooter. Try out some of your favorite tricks then let your pup join in on the fun.

Start off by safely getting your dog on your favorite Razor scooter and snap a picture. If your dog is really enjoying the ride, you can even try taking a video and let them take a ride by pushing your dog on your Razor scooter.


If you want to make the picture even cuter, give your dog some accessories! Maybe they can rock a cool pair of sunglasses or toss on a helmet to stay safe.

We can’t wait to see all of your submissions. We hope to see plenty of happy dogs, and even happier Razor fans. Here at Razor, we hope you had an extremely awesome Thanksgiving filled with plenty of food, fun, and pups. 

And please keep tagging us in all your adventures and share your snapshots with us on Instagram @razorworldwide. We love seeing our Razor fans!