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New Year, New You! 5 Easy Ways to Reach Your Financial Resolutions


5 Easy Ways to Reach Your Financial Resolutions

Maybe you’ve resolved to save more of your hard-earned money this year. Or maybe you’re just trying to spend a little less. Or, like many Americans, maybe this is the year you finally pay off your student loan or credit card debt. No matter your financial resolutions, doing these five simple things will help you meet your goals:

  1. Designating a Day of Free-dome! Choose one day a week when you won’t spend a single penny. Pack your lunch at home, fill up on coffee at work, enjoy a simple dinner at home, and snuggle up to a Netflix movie and batch of microwave popcorn. Not spending can be pretty liberating… you might even add a second or third day of spending freedom to your weekly schedule and watch the savings stack up!


  1. Cutting Back on Fuel! Enjoy two-in-one savings by walking or riding your Razor kick scooter to run local errands. Not only will you save your expensive fuel for longer trips, but you’ll also be reducing pollution and sneaking in some exercise, too!


  1. Working Out for Free! Speaking of exercise, why not make this the year to skip the crowded gym and find free ways to get fit, instead? Walking, jogging, hiking, and scooting are all no-cost ways to burn calories and enjoy the great outdoors. There are also tons of great workouts on YouTube that you can do at home.


  1. Eliminating Cable Once and For All! Join the digital revolution and cut the cable cord. Replacing pricey cable payments with lower-cost subscriptions to Hulu, HBO Now, or other streaming apps is an easy way to lower your monthly expenses. Want to cut back completely? Digital antennas pick up dozens of local stations for free!


  1. Making Your Own Gifts! Instead of giving expensive, store-bought gifts, consider giving friends and family something homemade instead. From a hand-knit scarf to a delicious batch of brownies, homemade gifts cost far less and mean much more.

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