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10 Trips to Make on a Kick Scooter This Summer


Razor kick scooters are a great way to get around all year long, but the summer is an especially super time to step on, kick off, and ride! Warmer temps, longer days, and less stress make everyone want to get outside and have a good time. And there’s no better way to get where you’re going than on a Razor.

This summer, before you get into the car, take a second to think about whether you and your kids could ride there on a Razor instead. You can turn almost any outing into an adventure when you scoot instead of drive. Some of our favorite summer scooter rides include:

  1. The Library – Heading to story time (or to return those overdue Pete the Cat stories)? Squeeze in some exercise by riding your Razors instead of commuting in the car.


  1. The Park – Load up the wagon with lunch, sunscreen, and sand toys, and make a day of it with an I’ll-Walk-You-Scoot trip. If your little one is too tired to scoot home, toss your easy-folding scooter (and your kid) into the wagon and consider it a workout.


  1. The School Yard – School is even more fun when you don’t have to go to class! Black tops are a great place to race and you can always find a drinking fountain and a bench when you’re ready for a break😊


  1. The Skate Park – Meeting some friends for a session? Warm up your muscles and spend some time visualizing your sick tricks with a scooter ride to and from the skate park.


  1. The Ice Cream Shop – Cool yourselves down on those hot summer days with a scooter ride to the ice cream shop! Treat yourselves to a double scoop, then burn it off on the ride home.


  1. The Animal Shelter – Spend some time cuddling with the kitties and check out the pups at your local animal shelter – just fold your scooter and toss it in your backpack when you get there.


  1. Sports Practice – Youth sports don’t seem to take a summer vacation. Make the outing more fun for everyone by scooting there and back.


  1. The Book Store – A trip to the bookstore is a great way to spend a summer day – and they usually have AC! So, grab your Razor and take a ride – some of them even have Starbucks.


  1. The Nature Center – Get geared up for a walk through your local nature center or botanical gardens with your own nature ride there! Breathe the fresh air and watch the breeze blow through the trees on your way.


  1. A Ride Around the Block – Turn a simple after-dinner walk into an outdoor extravaganza with a scooting scavenger hunt or a game of I Spy on a Scooter.


Scooting instead of driving to your local summer outings and errands is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the summer sunshine, and breathe some fresh air. And not many kids remember their favorite car rides – just sayin’.