RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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  • Max speed 10 mph
  • Battery life Up to 40 mins
  • Ages 9 and up
  • Max weight 220 lbs

Kick it up a notch

Everyone needs a power-assist at times, and if you think an electric skateboard is for you – look what our pro-skateboarder engineers came up with.  With carve and turn action, The RazorX Cruiser is a high-performance, high-quality skateboard, powered by an electric rear-wheel motor and controlled by a hand-held remote. The wireless, digital, hand-held remote brings the power of the RazorX Cruiser’s kick-to-start, 125-watt motor from under your feet to the palm of your hand. Variable-speed control helps ease you in and out of the skate action, allowing riders to increase and decrease their ride speed at any time by pushing forward or pulling back on the control stick.

Soft-start Technology

With our soft-start kick activated technology, the motor ramps up slowly, reaching top speeds of 10 mph, and slows to a stop with the pull of your thumb.  Even when you’ve run out of battery juice, this board shifts into manual and performs like a normal skateboard without interrupting your fun flow. Virtually maintenance free, our kick-to-start, 125-watt, geared, rear-wheel-drive motor delivers a smooth, responsive ride without alignment issues, chain or belt. It’s power you can count on for electric skateboarding action at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.


Made to Zoom

Put fun on cruise with the lithium-ion-powered electric skateboard made to zoom! The RazorX Cruiser is a skateboard with an electrifying kick, putting control of a 125-watt, geared motor in the palm of your hand and under your feet.

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  • Deck: Length 29.7” (754 mm), 5-ply maple
  • Wheels: 83 mm 80a PU cruiser
  • Trucks: Custom, reverse kingpin trucks for increased turning and stability
  • Motor: Kick-to-start, 125-watt, rear-wheel drive, hub motor
  • Battery: 22V lithium-ion battery pack, rechargeable (UL2271)
  • Includes: Wireless (2.4 GHz) digital, hand-held remote with wrist strap (replaceable), LED battery indicator display, battery charger
  • For CA residents, click to see Prop 65 WARNING information
  • View full specifications here
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  • The versatile RazorX Cruiser features a kick-to-start, 125-watt motor, providing lithium-ion-powered electric skateboarding action at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • • 29.7” (754 mm) deck length and high-quality, 5-ply maple deck deliver a lightweight, responsive ride, perfect for cruising.
  • Includes a wireless (2.4 GHz) remote with wrist strap (replaceable) for variable-speed control of the electrifying carve-and-turn action.
  • Additional features include ground-gripping urethane wheels and custom, reverse kingpin trucks for enhanced stability, perforated grip tape and rear-drive, hub motor with no alignment issues, chain or belt.
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4 reviews for RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

  1. Nicolas

    I received the RazorX Cruiser as a gift a few weeks before Christmas. It received plenty of use around the holidays and was a total hit with everyone coming over for impromptu visits and parties. The skateboard has the speed and responsiveness to keep my 14-year old nephew interested and was approachable enough that his 10-year old sister was quickly arguing over when her next turn was. She would sit on the board and ride it around our court and he would take it on longer adventures standing up. We even got my dad on for a brief stint!

    I’ve used the skateboard plenty since then. My german shepherd will run along side me and we’ll cruise around the neighborhood for 2-3 miles and still have plenty of battery life left when we’re finished.

    My favorite feature was completely unexpected – the breaking functionality is awesome! When you push down on the remote control it initiates a breaking sequence that slows the board quickly but without sacrificing control. I can go from full speed to completely stopped in a few feet.

    The board handles beautifully as well. There’s just enough give in the trucks to allow me to really carve like something in between a long board and snowboard. And the wheels feel grippy and responsive.

    This is a great board for the entire family!

  2. Kyle

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago for school, and I cant believe I didn’t think about buying this earlier. It is super fun to ride, it not too fast, and I don’t have to push off with my feet! SO much easier to keep balanced when you don’t have to push, and I can get to class a lot faster now! For the price you cant go wrong 🙂

  3. MikkelLP

    I really love this board and hope they make more

  4. Metz5family

    This product has worked amazingly well and my son has loved riding it around the neighborhood. We may have done something wrong but for some reason the battery will not hold a charge. I called razor and as usual amazing customer service. They are sending us a new battery free of charge possibly because it’s on backorder or possibly because they’ve had issues with it. She didn’t say why but it seems like every time I call razor with a product issue they are so great about taking care of it or helping me with it. I do highly recommend razor products of any kind with the amazing customer service That they have. Thank you razor for keeping us rolling!!

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