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Your Extreme Christmas


Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas! It’s Ray Zerscooter back again, but remember, just call me Scoot. I hope you had a blast this Christmas with lots of food and next-level fun. I know I had a rad time opening presents and hangin’ with my family and friends–even if it was just on video chat. 

I was feeling the festive vibes when we were making the holiday Razor decorations to deck out the Zerscooter household! I know I loved the rad Razor treats  I baked with my crew. My favorite ones were for sure making sugar cookies in the shape of the Razor Blade Snowflakes. Those were sweet! (Literally.)

Your Razor Ride

I know there were a lot of awesome Razor rides on wish lists this year, like the A5 Lux Scooter and the extreme Electric Party Pop Scooter.Well I want to see those legendary rides! But not just the sick rides from Christmas morning. No way. Whether you’ve been tailwhippin’ on your scooter for 20 years, or just started scooting yesterday, show off your righteous Razor gear. Tag @razorworldwide and post on or before 1/1 and you’ll be entered to win a prize!

Or if you spent your Christmas the way I did, learning crazy new tricks with Razor pros on the RideRazor YouTube channel, send that over too. It’ll be epic!

My Favorite Traditions

Christmas Eve is NEVER boring in the Zerscooter house. One of my favorite traditions is riding with my family to the skate park and showing off my scooter tricks, while showing my little sis a move or two on her Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter. Then we go home and bust out the home videos to watch when Grandma Z taught ME to scoot. She still pops a wheelie every now and then on her way to knitting club.


It always reminds me that in this wild ride called life, nothing is cooler than the time I spend with my totally awesome fam. And I want to see how you spend your epic holidays with your family too! Post a picture on Instagram about how your family celebrates the holidays and tag @razorworldwide. Don’t forget to make sure you post on or before 1/1 for the chance to win a prize!

We’re FINALLY Done with 2020

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…well almost. Just a few more days left until we can ring in the New Year and finally ring out 2020. I think we can ALL agree we’re ready to scoot (haha, get it!?) into 2021! There’s a lot of legendary things coming, I just know it. So have fun celebrating the New Year with streamers and confetti poppers­—I can’t wait for the crazy rides I’ll take in 2021!

Signing off for the year it’s the Dudiest Scootiest…the Raddest Ray…the Wheelie Wonderboy. Yours truly, Ray Zerscooter.

Scoot, out!