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Rockin’ Razor Holiday


Happy holidays everyone! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving filled with a lot of food and fun on your Razor scooter. And we want to give a special thanks to everyone who shared with us pictures of their dogs on a scooter. That was so much fun, and we had a blast looking through them all. 

Here at Razor, we’re ready to get into the holiday spirit. Wherever you’re celebrating, we want to help you get in the holly, jolly, mood! That’s why we have some really exciting and rad holiday decorations you can make with the whole family this year. And of course, they’re Razor themed!

So light your favorite holiday candle, throw on a cozy winter sweater, and blast our favorite holiday playlist…because it’s time to start making some decorations!

Rad Razor Stockings

Making your own Razor-fied stocking is an easy and fun way to get into the holiday spirit. You’ll need a basic stocking like the one we have pictured. Then you’ll need to download and cut out your favorite Razor products. Once you have everything ready, start decorating! You can glue on your favorite Razor scooter, write your name on it in glitter glue, add beads, or anything you want.

Rockin’ Around the Razor Tree Ornament

Next up, we’re going to teach you to make your very own Razor ornament. You’re going to need a clear ornament where you can open the top. Just like the stocking, you’ll download your favorite Razor scooter image, but this one will be a little smaller, so be extra careful cutting along the dotted line! Color and decorate the scooter, then place it in the ornament with beads, glitter, faux snow, or anything else you’d like.

If you don’t have a clear ornament, no problem! You can still print out and color your Razor scooter. Punch a hole in the top of the paper, take a piece of string and tie it through the hole. Then, tada! You have a Razor holiday ornament.

Extreme Snowman

Finally, we’re going to teach you to make an extremely cool snowman. Start off by taking three cotton balls and gluing them together. Next you’ll want to glue on pipe cleaners for the arms and draw on the eyes, nose, and buttons. Then, you’ll choose and download from the same Razor scooter images you did for your ornament. After you’ve colored your Razor scooter, let your snowman take a ride! Glue the scooter to your snowman, and you’ve got yourself an extreme Razor snowman.

We hope you have a fun time decorating for the holidays, and an especially awesome time making your Razor crafts. Make sure you show us everything you’ve made and tag us in all your adventures, because we love seeing our Razor fans!


Share your snapshots with us on Instagram @razorworldwide. Happy decorating!