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Rockin’ New Year with Razor


2020 was a wild ride and I think we can all agree we’re ready to ring in 2021. We know good things are coming in the New Year, and that’s why we put together a list of fun kid resolutions to get you started for 2021.

And to make sure you have an awesome New Year’s Eve, we put together some rad games you can play with your friends not only for your New Year’s virtual party, but all year too.


We love scooting through a scavenger hunt, and we found a way to make it a fun virtual game! Pick a category and have players write down five items in that category. (Ex. If the category is holiday you can choose, ornament, tree, etc.) Once everyone has written their items down, one player will read out loud an item on their list. The first person to show that item on the screen wins a point! (Note: The person reading the item on their list cannot show an item.) Rotate to another player and now they’ll read an item on their list. Keep going until someone reaches five points!


This one is easy peasy and extremely FUN. Simply pick a person, place, or thing, and give the players 20 questions total to guess the correct answer. Whoever guesses the answer first, wins a point. Whoever gets three points first wins the whole game!


Another game you can play virtually with your friends is sketch and solve! Start off by breaking into teams, picking out some extreme team names, and then the first team picks their drawer. The drawer can use this word generator to get their word to draw. If your teammates guess correctly, they get a point. Five points wins the whole game! Depending on what you’re using to video chat with each other, you can either use the whiteboard sharing feature on Zoom or you can prop up a notebook and draw on the page. Just make sure you’re in view of the camera!


To REALLY up your game this New Year’s make sure you download these awesome Razor backgrounds. They’re great to rock in the New Year and rock out of 2020. But the best part? Just like all of these virtual games, you can use them all year long!


Although we’re ready to put this…interesting year behind us (to say the least), we couldn’t have gotten through it without our favorite Razor family. Make sure you share your New Year’s Eve party, your virtual games, and everything else in between with us on Instagram by tagging @razorworldwide. Stay rad and get ready to scoot into 2021!