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Welcome to Camp Razor


What‘s up scooter dudes? Counselor Scoot back at it to give you a big, rad welcome to Camp Razor. Are you ready for a legendary summer of scootering? Then grab a seat, listen up, and get ready for your crash course into all things Camp Razor.

camp razor

So, what’s a day at Camp Razor look like you ask? Every day is a new ride! From mastering new tricks and joining in on the Summer R Games, to smiling for your official Razor scooter license, Camp Razor is all about you and your ride.

What do you need? Take a look at our Camp essentials.

camp essentials

Number one, your ride. Whether you’re kicking the concrete or pushing that pedal, your Razor is your ticket to awesome this summer.

Number two, your gear. From head to toe, the right gear helps you stay safe and get the most out of your ride.

And your last camp must have, number three, rider pride. From grips to wheels, head to toe, your rider style is everything. So make sure to always rock your ride and show everyone just how you roll.

At Camp Razor, we believe fun is forever. And this summer is no exception. But before we get to scootering, let’s hear some Camp Razor rules.

camp rules

The first rule, rise and ride. Get up, get out there, and show us what you’ve got.

Rule number two, no matter your Razor, respect the ride. Razor is for everyone, and everyone loves a Razor.

And number three, a safe ride is a cool ride. Nobody wants a nasty wipe out to throw off their ride so keep safe out there.

So, think you’re ready for an epic Summer? Then grab your helmet, your Razor, and let’s ride!


PS: before you scoot off into the sunset, stay in the know on all things Camp Razor. Hit us up on social or shoot the Scoot an email. Later, Razors!