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Camp Razor : Award Day


What’s up camper dudes? Scoot here to welcome you to a very special week of Camp Razor—where we’re celebrating YOU. That’s right, it’s the annual Razor Badge Ceremony where we reflect on all we’ve learned and all the rad times we’ve had so far this summer. Get that acceptance speech ready, grab your Razor, and let’s scoot to it! 

Let the ceremony begin!

At Camp Razor, we have four categories of Razor Badges to award: Art, Exploration, Safety, and Razor Pride. Each category represents a pillar of Camp Razor. Earning a badge means you’ve proven that you embody the spirit of these camp pillars in all that you do.

So, grab a parent or pal to help you determine what Badges your scootering and dudering have earned you this summer.

The Jack of All Arts:

At Camp Razor, we value self-expression and believe that each rider has their own unique talents to share. From dancing and cooking to music and painting, taking the time to explore creative pursuits makes for a well-rounded experience that can live on well beyond your time at camp.

Ways to have earned this badge:


The Scoot Around the World:

It should come as no surprise that exploring is a big part of Camp Razor. We believe the best view in life is the one you take in from your Razor. From miles ridden to hours clocked, the thrill of the ride is reward enough…but here’s a badge just for fun.

Ways to have earned this badge:

  • Scootered over 10 Miles since the start of camp (about 1.5 miles a week)
  • Clocked in over 40 hours of ride time since the start of camp (about 1-hour each day)
  • Completed at least 2 out of 3 Razor Races


 The Safety Patrol N’ Roll:

Like I say each and every week, safety is ALWAYS first. From head to toe, helmet to no loose laces, a safe ride is the best ride. It takes time, dedication, and discipline to be a great rider. And that starts with making sure every ride is a safe one.

Ways to have earned this badge:

  • Completed your Razor’s Ed course and received your Razor License
  • Demonstrated Safe riding during Razor Races
  • Demonstrated safe riding when completing “Tricks 101


The Razor Pride:

Perhaps the most important takeaway from your time here at camp, Razor Pride is all about the importance of respect, style, and dedication. From always respecting others and your ride with safe scootering to finding ways to express your own style and never giving up when the ride gets tough, Campers who earn this badge know that Razor Pride is a way of life.

Ways to have earned this badge:

  • Shown off your unique eye for flair in the Fourth of July “Scoot-By
  • Embraced your rider style with “Tricks 101
  • Celebrated your love for Razor at the “Annual Razor Summer Dance
  • Spent more days on your Razor than on the couch


Ready to Rep Your Badges?

Be proud. Be loud. Be wowed. Tally up your badges and put ‘em on display. If there’s any you missed out on, you can always jump back to those posts and ride it out! And if you earned them ALL: you’re officially a camp legend, just like yours truly.

I’ll be back soon for more fun times and rad rides. If you have anything you want to share or suggest in the meantime, shoot the Scoot an email. Be sure to tag us if you take a snapshot of those fresh badges with #CampRazor on social @razorworldwide. Catch ya later, Razors!